Independent label: Demon Pact was a four-piece HeavyMetal band, regarded as one of the "New Wave Of British HeavyMetal" (NWOBHM). It began life during 1979 in Hayes, Kent, on the outskirts of London. The driving force behind the band was lead guitarist Richard Dickerson. Originally called Fenris Wolf, all its original members attended Hayes Secondary School and their first gig was as part of an end-of-term party in a local church hall in the summer of 1979 (although Richard had left the school two years earlier). Joining Richard in the band on bass was his brother, Alan Dickerson; Donald Meckiffe handled the vocals, and Phil Wickenden played drums. Subsequently, with a name change to Demon Pact (after one of the band's own compositions), 'outsider' Iain Finlay took over on drums. Distributed By White Witch and Pinnacle Records.

81 Demon Pact Eaten Alive SLIME PACT 1
81 Demon Pact Escape SLIME PACT 2