Independent label: The Happy Few were Dominic Riley (vocals/guitar), Dave Cuff (vocals/bass), Nick Green (guitar), Steve Bevan (guitar) and Phil Emby (drums). The band formed in late 1980. The Happy Few turned down a contract with Backs Records in early 1981 in favour of a deal offered by Cherry Red, but the deal was never realised. They subsequently secured a distribution deal with Rough Trade for their own label, Smug Records, but the release of their first single was held up by problems with the manufacturers of the record. An EP, "Heaven is So Different", "Shut" and "Hunter" (Smug 1) was finally released in early 1982. Drummer Phil Emby and Bass/Vocals David Cuff also played for another Norwich band The Crabs, and also played with The Higsons and The Farmers Boys at a John Peel evening at the gala Ballroom in the summer of 1982. The band fizzled out in the spring of 1983 and Bass/Vocals David Cuff went on to record a single for Backs Records with band Mad About Sunday ("The Drunk" NCH 8). Distributed By Rough Trade.

82 Happy Few Hunter SMUG SMUG 1