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 Independent label: Snape Records Former Address: 24 Inverness Road, Hounslow Middlesex TW3 3LS. British band 70 Gwen Party (a duo of Victor N’Dip and Lurgin Pin) used their music as a platform for dissemination of their political views. Their distrust of the press and overall non-friendless toward media earned them as much reputation as their music. John Peel loved the band and played many of their records, but they never got any mainstream attention and all of their records are out of print. They started out in the late 80s when N’Dip and Pin previous band called Isis (no relation to Isis) broke up. The duo started their own label Snape Records and beginning from the late 80s, produced numerous singles and albums. After the release of their 1996 album “Anti Blue Nazi”, N’Dip stated that he wanted to take a break from music business and thus by 1998 the band broke up. Distributed By Snape Records.

89 70 Gwen Party War, Track & Field SNAPE SR 001
90 70 Gwen Party Devil Wrapped & Ginsung Buried (Album) SNAPE SR 002
91 70 Gwen Party Helier Party SNAPE SR 003
91 70 Gwen Party The Psycho Beat SNAPE SR 004
92 70 Gwen Party The Optical Glass Empire (Album) SNAPE SR 005
92 Non-Music Items The Optical Race...' T-Shirt SNAPE SR 006
92 70 Gwen Party Hysteria  SNAPE SR 007
92 70 Gwen Party Knee Deep In Evil SNAPE SR 008
93 70 Gwen Party The Searl Brothers SNAPE SR 009
93 Not Traced SNAPE SR 010
94 70 Gwen Party Howard Hughes SNAPE SR 011
95 70 Gwen Party Through The Heart Of Sunday SNAPE SR 012
95 70 Gwen Party John Peel Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Album) SNAPE SR 013
95 70 Gwen Party Scorching The Anti Christ SNAPE SR 014
95 Non-Music Items A Collection Of 70Gp Sleevenotes And Articles  SNAPE SR 015
95 Non-Music Items T-Shirt (One Sided) SNAPE SR 016
96 70 Gwen Party Anti Blue Nazi (Album) SNAPE SR 017
97 70 Gwen Party The Killing Of Victorian Britain Ep SNAPE SR 018
97 Various The Tex Dove Experiment (Cassette) SNAPE SR 019