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 Independent label: American; out of Los Angeles.  Solar was the successor to Dick Griffey who died on September 24, 2010 at age 71 from complications of quadruple-bypass heart surgery. and Don Cornelius's 'Soul Train' label.  Cornelius was the creator and host of the 'Soul Train' TV show; when he decided to concentrate on the TV show (in 1978) Griffey was left in charge of the record company.  He renamed it, Solar ('Sounds Of Los Angeles Records'), and relaunched it.  Under his guidance Solar became a respected and successful Disco / R&B label: the Whispers, Dynasty and Carrie Lucas all hit the charts in the States, but the company's top act was Shalamar, with twenty hits Stateside.  It was the same in Britain, but on a smaller scale: Shalamar scored fourteen times from 1979-86, the Whispers nine times (1980-87), Dynasty three times (1979-83) and Carrie Lucas once (1979).   The label operated as a collective, with artists working on one another's records, and lasted into the late 1990s.  In the '70s RCA manufactured and distributed Solar records over here; initially the label shared an FB-0000 numerical series with RCA's singles but this was replaced with a unique SO-0 series either at  the beginning of 1980.  Around 1982 WEA took over; the label design was revamped, and the numbering changed again. Distributed By MCA/RCA/WEA/. Thank to Robert Lyons for the info.

80 Whispers And The Beat Goes On SOLAR SO 1
80 Shalamar Right In The Socket SOLAR SO 2
80 Dynasty Satisfield SOLAR SO 3
80 Whispers Lady SOLAR SO 4
80 Midnight Star Make It Last SOLAR SO 5
80 Lakeside From 9 Untill 5 SOLAR SO 6
80 Not Traced SOLAR SO 7
80 Whispers My Girl SOLAR SO 8
80 Lucas Carrie Keep Smiling SOLAR SO 9
80 Dynasty I'Ve Just Begun To Love You SOLAR SO 10
80 Shalamar I Owe You One SOLAR SO 11
80 Whispers  Out Of The Box SOLAR SO 12
80 Lucas Carrie It'S Not What You Got SOLAR SO 13
80 Dynasty Do Me Right SOLAR SO 14
81 Lakeside Fantastic Journey SOLAR SO 15
81 Whispers It'S A Love Thing SOLAR SO 16
81 Shalamar Make That Move SOLAR SO 17
81 Dynasty Groove Control SOLAR SO 18
81 Whispers I Can Make It Better SOLAR SO 19
81 Not Traced SOLAR SO 20
81 Shalamar Work It Out SOLAR SO 21
81 Whispers This Kind Of Lovin SOLAR SO 22
81 Shalamar Sweeta As The Days Go On SOLAR SO 23
82 Shalamar Talk To Me SOLAR SO 24
81 Klymaxx Never Underestimate The Power  SOLAR K 12541
81 Midnight Star I'Ve Been Watching You SOLAR K 12545
81 Dynasty Here I Am SOLAR K 12550
81 Dynasty Love In The Fast Lane SOLAR K 12577
82 Lakeside I Want To Hold Your Hand SOLAR K 12590
82 Whispers In The Raw SOLAR K 12597
82 Shalamar I Can Make You Feel Good SOLAR K 12599
82 Klymaxx Never Underestimate SOLAR K 12641
82 Shalamar A Night To Remember SOLAR K 13162
82 Whispers Emergancy SOLAR K 13171
82 Lucas Carrie Show Me Where You'Re Going SOLAR K 13175
82 Shalamar There It Is (Edited Version) SOLAR K 13194
83 Midnight Star Feels So Good (7") SOLAR E 9775
83 Shalamar Over And Over SOLAR E 9792
83 Midnight Star Wet My Whistle (12") SOLAR E 9798
83 Shalamar Disappearing Act SOLAR E 9807
83 Dynasty Only One SOLAR E 9814
83 Shalamar Dead Giveaway SOLAR E 9819
83 Lakeside Raid SOLAR E 9836
83 Wolfer Bill Papa Was A Rollin' Stone SOLAR E 9849
83 Whispers This Time SOLAR E 9878
83 Wolfer Bill Call Me SOLAR E 9891
83 Dynasty Dose That Ring A Bell SOLAR E 9911
83 Shalamar Friends SOLAR CHUM 1
84 Shalamar Amnesia MCA SHAL 1
85 Shalamar My Girl Loves Me (Edited Version) SOLAR SHAL 2
86 Shalamar A Night To Remember (The M&M Mix) MCA SHAL 3
86 Shalamar Take That To The Bank (M&M Remix) MCA SHAL 4