Independent label: Solo Records was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat number SRTS80CUS750. The Doubt was a punk band from ballyholme bangor Northern Ireland. Formed in June 1978 and They split in October 1979 due to musical differences despite talk of releasing a single. Lineup: Hugh 'Chad' Cairns (vocals), Paul Corken (guitar), John Clarke (bass), Steven Clarke (drums). John Clarke replaced by Robert Scott in November 1978. Adrian Maddox plays drums on the 1980 EP  500 copies pressed but most were unsold and many of these have gone missing over the years; reputedly as many as 200 copies destroyed or lost. Scott and Maddox were later in Palace of Variety. Scott was later in Carpenter Joe. Steven Clarke and Hugh 'Chad' Cairns later in The Co-Ordinates. Carpenter Joe Formed by Robert Scott (ex The Doubt). Russell Maddox; Mark Armstrong. Carpenter Joe split on the eve of (first?) London gig in 1987. Lineup: Robert Scott - vocals  Davy McGarry - guitar  Russell Maddox - ex 70% Proof, bass  Mark Armstrong - drums. Distributed By Solo Records.

80 The Doubt  Contrast Disorder  SOLO SOLO  ONE
87 Carpenter Joe Maverick Genius SOLO CJ 001