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 Independent label: Some Bizzare Owned By Stephen Pearce More Commonly Known As Stevo, Which Was Founded In 1981. Some Bizzare Funded And Released A Compilation Of Unsigned Bands Entitled "Some Bizzare Album" Which Introduced Acts Including Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The The And Blancmange. Apart From Releasing Records, The Some Bizzare Label Had Releases Tv Shows And Dvd'S Films Release It Self And Also Though Warner Virgin, Cbs Sony Epic, Polygram/Universal. Some Bizzare Holds The Copyright For Many Of It'S Releases Being Copyrighted By Some Bizarre Ltd. Distributed By WEA, Virgin, CBS Records.

81 Soft Cell What SOME BIZZARE BZS 1
81 Soft Cell Tainted Love SOME BIZZARE BZS 2
81 Not Traced SOME BIZZARE BZS 3
81 The The Cold Spell SOME BIZZARE BZS 4
81 Marc & Members Fun City SOME BIZZARE BZS 5
81 Soft Cell Bed Sitter SOME BIZZARE BZS 6
82 Soft Cell Say Hello Wave Goodbye SOME BIZZARE BZS 7
82 B Movie Nowhere Girl SOME BIZZARE BZS 8
82 Soft Cell Torch SOME BIZZARE BZS 9
82 Not Traced SOME BIZZARE BZS 10
82 Soft Cell What SOME BIZZARE BZS 11
82 Not Traced SOME BIZZARE BZS 12
82 Marc & Members Untitled (Album SOME BIZZARE BZS 13
82 Marc & Members Untitled (Album SOME BIZZARE BZS 14
82 Marc & Members Big Louise SOME BIZZARE BZS 15
82 Soft Cell Where The Heart Is SOME BIZZARE BZS 16
83 Soft Cell Numbers SOME BIZZARE BZS 17
83 Not Traced SOME BIZZARE BZS 18
83 Marc & Members Black Heart SOME BIZZARE BZS 19
83 Soft Cell Soul Inside SOME BIZZARE BZS 20
83 Marc & Members Torment SOME BIZZARE BZS 21
84 Soft Cell Down In The Subway SOME BIZZARE BZS 22
84 Almond Marc The Boy Who Came Back SOME BIZZARE  BZS 23
84 Almond Marc You Have SOME BIZZARE  BZS 24
84 Almond Marc Tenderness Is A Weakness SOME BIZZARE  BZS 25
81 Soft Cell A Man Can Get Lost SOME BAZZARE HARD 1
82 Psychic Tv Just Drifting SOME BIZARRE PTV 1
84 The The This Is The Day SOME BIZZARE  A 3710
83 Cabaret Voltaire Just Fascination SOME BIZARRE CVS 1
83 Cabaret Voltaire The Dream Ticket SOME BIZARRE CVS 2
84 Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria SOME BIZARRE CVS 3
85 Cabaret Voltaire James Brown SOME BIZARRE CVS 4
85 Cabaret Voltaire I Want You SOME BIZARRE CVS 5
85 Almond Marc Stories Of Johnny SOME BIZARRE BONK 1
85 Almond Marc Love Letters SOME BIZARRE BONK 2
86 Almond Marc The House Is Haunted SOME BIZARRE GLOW 1
86 Almond Marc A Woman'S Story SOME BIZARRE GLOW 2
86 Almond Marc Ruby Red SOME BIZARRE GLOW 3
87 Almond Marc Melancholy Rose SOME BIZARRE GLOW 4
87 Almond Marc Mother Fist SOME BIZARRE GLOW 5
86 The The Slow Train To Dawn  SOME BIZZARE TENSE 1
87 The The Sweet Bird Of Truth SOME BIZZARE TENSE 2