Independent label: Sonar Records was formed by John Lord. Sonar Records Former Address: 84 London Road, Coventry, West Midlands CV1 2JT. Courtiers of Fashion Line-up Dave Pepper - Vocals, Keybords, Guitar Paul Johnston - Drums, Keyboards Karen Ellett - Vocals. Furious Apples Line-up Greg Crabbe  - Vocals, Mike Crabbe - Lead Guitar, Nick Farrington, Martin Wilson, Steve Fardon, Mike Moore. In spring 1983 Greg Crabb reconstituted the band to record and promote a single, recruiting Robin Hill (Pink Umbrellas) on drums, John Westacott (ex-Urge) on bass and myself (Raphael Moore) on guitar, along with Mike Crabb. The single: Engineering b/w Belladonna, was released in October 1983. This was the first release on John Lord's Sonar label, John was the owner of the Cabin. Paul Sampson engineered and produced. Armalite came together in 1984. Paul Johnston - drums, Cary Lord -Bass guitar/backing vox, Caron Joyce - Lead Vox, and Adrian Dix on guitar recorded this single Living On The Edge at the 8 track Cabin studio. Produced by Armalite and Paul Sampson. Distributed By Stage One.

83 Courtiers Of Fashion Courtiers Of Fashion SONAR SON 1
83 Furious Apples Engineering SONAR SON 2
84 Armalite Living On The Edge SONAR SON 3