Independent label: Spartan began with an address in Dublin, Spartan Records Ltd Former Address: Unit D J.F. Kennedy Avenue J.F. Kennedy Industrial Estate Dublin 12 Republic of Ireland, and later expanded into the UK with address in the London area. 3 Sevenex Parade, Wembley, Middlesex. Spartan started out as a distributor in1979, and established it's own label shortly afterwards. It's success was modest but there are good releases in the catalogue. The distribution side of the business seems to have been far more successful. It concentrated on Punk and New Wave labels at first, notably Cherry Red, and it flourished in the 1980s. Distributed By Spartan and Rough Trade.

85 Ypy One More Heartache SPARTAN SP 122
85 Barron Knights Mr Bronski Meets SPARTAN SP 123
85 Tipinifini Fever SPARTAN SP 124
85 Wales Football Squard Wales The Dragon SPARTAN SP 125
85 Winters Bernie The Schnorbitz Song SPARTAN SP 126
85 York Plain As Black SPARTAN SP 127
85 Auto Da Fe Magic Moments SPARTAN SP 128
85 Boxcar Willie Watching New Love Grow SPARTAN SP 129
86 Nolans Let'S Spend The Night SPARTAN SP 130
86 Bygraves Max Time Time Time SPARTAN SP 131
86 York It'S On Me SPARTAN SP 132
86 Lynch Kenny Gotta Get Up SPARTAN SP 133
86 Juice Anything But Love SPARTAN SP 134
86 Heywood Colin No Easy Way To Love SPARTAN SP 135
86 Turner Ike & Tina Living For The City SPARTAN SP 136
86 Patty Red Light SPARTAN SP 137
86 Dollie Deluxe Carmen SPARTAN SP 138
86 Whiskey And Soda Dirty Den Rap SPARTAN SP 139
86 Not Traced SPARTAN SP 140
86 Highly Strung Don'T Let It End SPARTAN SP 141
86 Jimmy Bobby & ? Roaches SPARTAN SP 142
87 Hopkins Pickford Gary Why SPARTAN SP 143
87 Brard Patti & Eddie Tender Love SPARTAN SP 144
87 Prince Buster Al Capone SPARTAN SP 145
87 Not Traced SPARTAN SP 146
87 Not Traced SPARTAN SP 147
87 Music For Aborigines Sitting On A Biscuit SPARTAN SP 148
87 Vaughan Frankie When Your Old Wedding SPARTAN SP 149
85 Crowd You'Ll Never Walk Alone SPARTAN  BRAD 1
86 First Year Pupils Of Herts And Essex High School That's Life Kids SPARTAN JULY 23
86 Louis Clark Conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  Hooked On Christmas SPARTAN RPO 005
86 Ian Botham - Bobby Buck & Poacher Take Time To Care SPARTAN  BOTH 1
87 Morley Morgan Forever & Ever SPARTAN DSP 1
89 BBC Children In Need Choir & Finchley Children's Music Group  If You Want To Help  SPARTAN CIN 1
89 Kershaw Liz & Bruno Brookes It Take'S Two Baby SPARTAN CIN 101