Independent label: Spiderleg Records was Founded by UK anarcho-punk band Flux Of Pink Indians in 1981. Spiderleg Records Former Address: c/o Rough Trade 137 Blenheim Crecent London W.11. Distributed By Rough Trade.

81 Epileptics Nineteen Seventies (Have Been Made In Hong Kong) SPIDERLEG   ll
81 Epileptics 1970's EP SPIDERLEG SPL 1
81 Epileptics Last Bus To Debden  SPIDERLEG SPIDLE TWO
81 Subhumans Demolition War SPIDERLEG SDL 3
82 System The Dogs Of War SPIDERLEG SDL 4
82 Subhumans Reasons For Existence SPIDERLEG SDL 5
82 Amebix The Enemy  SPIDERLEG SDL 6
82 Subhumans Religious Wars SPIDERLEG SDL 7
83 Flux Of Pink Indians Strive To Survive (Album) SPIDERLEG SDL 8
83 Subhumans The Day The Country Died (Album) SPIDERLEG SDL 9
83 Amebix Winter SPIDERLEG SDL 10
83 System System Is Murder SPIDERLEG SDL 11
83 Kronstadt Uprising The Unknown Revolution SPIDERLEG SDL 12
83 Flux Of Pink Indians The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks (Album) SPIDERLEG SDL 13
83 Amebix No Sanctuary (Album) SPIDERLEG SDL 14
84 Anti Sect In Darkness, There Is No Choice (Album) SPIDERLEG SDL 15
85 Flux Of Pink Indians Taking A Liberty SPIDERLEG SDL 16