Independent label: The Dentists were an indie/pop band from the Medway towns (as part of the Medway scene) in England who were active from 1984 to 1995. The band's permanent members were Mick Murphy (lead vocals), Bob Collins (guitar) and Mark Matthews (bass). The band also had three different drummers: Ian Smith (19841986), Alun Jones (19861991) and Rob Grigg (19911995). All members participated in writing songs. Mark ('Jock') Reid was Mick Murphy's predecessor as lead singer for the band in 1983 when they were known as The Ancient Gallery. Distributed By Backs and the Cartel.

85 Dentists Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It'S All Over It Is Now (Album) SPRUCK SPR 001
85 Not Traced   SPRUCK SP 002
85 Dentists Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden SPRUCK SP 003
85 Dentists You And Your Bloody Oranges (Album)  SPRUCK SP 004