Independent label: Exit 13 started life in the early eighties as Emergency Exit, after numerous gigs in their native town of Ipswich (East Anglia, UK), the band decided to move to London after attracting record company interest from their early demos. On arriving in London the band carried on gigging and also met their producer, Nick Head, who suggested the band release their first 7" single.'Fields of Joy' was recorded in the Summer of '85 and released later that year. Exit 13 have used the same basic lineup over the years, this being: Steve Mann - songs, voice and guitars Carlton Hunt - drums Paul Hunt - guitar and mandolin. Distributed By.

85 Exit 13 Fields Of Joy SQUAD SQA 013
86 Exit 13 Over The Bridge SQUAD SQA 014
87 Exit 13 The Perfect Dream (Ep) (12") SQUAD SQA 015