Independent label: The Brilliant Corners were a British indie pop band from Bristol, England and recorded throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s. The group formed in 1983, taking their name from a Thelonious Monk jazz album. The line-up included David Woodward (b. Avonmouth, Bristol, England; vocals, guitar), Chris Galvin (1959 22 December 1998; bass), Winston Forbes (lead guitar, percussion, backing vocals), Bob Morris (drums) and Dan (occasional trumpet and keyboards). A later addition was Phil Elvins on guitar. The band's first releases were an early example of indie pop, with three singles being released in 1984 on their own SS20 label. Manufactured and Distributed by Revolver and the Cartel.

84 Brilliant Corners She'S Got Fever SS20  SS 21
84 Brilliant Corners Big Hip SS20  SS 22
84 Brilliant Corners My Baby'S In Black SS20  SS 23
85 Brilliant Corners Growing Up Absurd (Album) SS20  SS 24
86 Brilliant Corners Fruit Machine [Ep] SS20  SS 25
89 Brilliant Corners What'S In A Word (Album) SS20  SS 26
87 Brilliant Corners Brian Rix SS20  SS 27
87 Brilliant Corners Delilah Sands SS20  SS 28