Independent label: SST Records is a record label formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California by Greg Ginn. It was originally an electronics company called SST (Solid State Transformers) Electronics (one of the employees was Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski); Ginn converted it to a record label so he could release Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown EP. The label was a prominent figure in the L.A. punk scene around 1980 and 1981. SST quickly branched out in its early years to release albums by bands outside of the southern California area. December 1992 saw the opening of the SST Superstore situated on the corner of Sunset And Larrabee in West Hollywood. In March 1996, the label moved its operations from the Sunset Strip to Long Beach. In 2007, the label relocated to Taylor, Texas. Distributed By Pinnacle.

78 Black Flag Nervous Breakdown SST SST 001
80 Minutemen Paraniod Time [ Ep ] SST SST 002
80 Black Flag Jealous Again SST SST 003
80 Minutemen The Punch Line (Album) SST SST 004
81 Black Flag Six Pack SST SST 005
81 Saccharine Trust Paganicons (Album) SST SST 006
82 Black Flag Damaged (Album) SST SST 007
82 Overkill  Overkill SST SST 008
82 Meat Puppets Meat Puppets (Album) SST SST 009
82 Stains Stains (Album) SST SST 010
82 Würm We're Off  SST SST 011
82 Black Flag T.V Party SST SST 012
82 Various Artists The Blasting Concept (Album) SST SST 013
82 Minutemen What Makes A Man Start Fires (Album) SST SST 014
82 Various Artists Everything Went Black (Album) SST SST 015
83 Minutemen Buzz Or Howl [ Ep ] SST SST 016
83 Dicks Kill From The Heart (Album) SST SST 017
83 Subhumans No Wishes, No Prayers (Album) SST SST 018
83 Meat Puppets Meat Puppets II (Album) SST SST 019
83 Hüsker Dü Metal Circus SST SST 020
83 Black Flag The First Four Years  (Album) SST SST 021
84 Saint Vitus Saint Vitus (Album)  SST SST 022
84 Black Flag My War (Album) SST SST 023
84 Saccharine Trust Surviving You, Always (Album) SST SST 024
84 Husker Du Eight Miles High SST SST 025
84 Black Flag Family Man (Album) SST SST 026
84 Husker Du Zen Arcade (Album) SST SST 027
84 Minutemen Double Nickels On The Dime (Album) SST SST 028
84 Black Flag Slip It In (Album) SST SST 029
85 Black Flag Live '84 (Album) SST SST 030
85 Husker Du New Day Rising (Album) SST SST 031
85 Minutemen My First Bells 1980-83 (Album) SST SST 032
85 D.C. 3 This Is The Dream (Album) SST SST 033
85 Minutemen Project: Mersh SST SST 034
85 Black Flag Loose Nut (Album)  SST SST 035
85 October Faction October Faction (Album)  SST SST 036
85 Black Flag The Process Of Weeding Out SST SST 037
85 Overkill Triumph Of The Will (Album) SST SST 038
85 Meat Puppets Up On The Sun (Album) SST SST 039
85 Das Damen Das Damen (Album) SST SST 040
85 Würm Feast (Album) SST SST 041
85 Saint Vitus The Walking Dead  SST SST 042
85 Various Artists The Blasting Concept Volume II  (Album) SST SST 043
85 Meat Puppets In A Car SST SST 044
85 Black Flag In My Head (Album) SST SST 045
85 Saccharine Trust Worldbroken (Album) SST SST 046
85 Tom Troccoli's Dog Tom Troccoli's Dog (Album) SST SST 047
85 Saccharine Trust We Became Snakes (Album) SST SST 048
85 Meat Puppets Out My Way SST SST 049
85 MinuteFlag MinuteFlag (12") SST SST 050
85 Husker Du Makes No Sense At All SST SST 051
85 Saint Vitus Hallow's Victim (Album) SST SST 052
85 SWA Your Future If You Have One (Album SST SST 053
85 Angst Lite Life (Album) SST SST 054
85 Husker Du Flip Your Wig (Lp) SST SST 055