Independent label: Stallion Records was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat number S83CUS2032. The Ivy League was formed in August 1964 by three session singers with an extensive vocal range, John Carter, Ken Lewis (both previous members of Carter-Lewis and the Southerners) plus Perry Ford. They were first heard doing background vocals for The Who on their hit single "I Can't Explain" in November 1964 but, after that, the Who's producers entrusted John Entwistle and Pete Townshend with the backing vocals. Their debut single, "What More Do You Want" generated little interest but the second release, "Funny How Love Can Be" made the UK chart's Top 10. Further hits followed, including "That's Why I'm Crying" and UK chart No.3 "Tossing and Turning". The original trio released just one album, 1965's This is the Ivy League panned in the music press as disappointing, with its excessively wide spread of musical styles and material before both Carter and Lewis left the group. Carter departed in January 1966, with Lewis leaving about one year later. The duo then set up a production company called Sunny Records. Distributed By Stallion Records.

83 Ivy League Tossing And Turning STALLION IVY 1116