Independent label: Starlite was founded in 1958 by Carlo Krahmer, owner of Jazz label Esquire.  It served as an outlet for popular music of various kinds: Ceilidh, Strict Tempo and Rock 'n' Roll records rubbed shoulders together in the Starlite listings, as indeed did Ska records licensed from Chris Blackwell's Island label, at that time based in Jamaica.  After Krahmer died, his wife, Greta, took over the running of the company.  From April 1967 Starlite's only releases were in the form of Strict Tempo EPs by Norman Grant, the last of which came out in 1973. Distributed By Starlite.

80s Chubby Checker  The Twist  STARLITE HDN 45 007
80s Bobby Rydell Wild One STARLITE HDN 45 008