Independent label: Statik Records was a Glasgow record label. Founded by Ali Mackenzie. Positive Noise were a New Wave and synthpop band from Scotland. The band was formed in 1979 by Ross Middleton (vocals), his brothers Graham Middleton (keyboards, vocals) and Fraser Middleton (bass guitar, vocals), Russell Blackstock (guitar, vocals), and Les Gaff (drums). Men Without Hats is a Canadian new wave group from Montreal, Quebec. Men Without Hats initially consisted of Ivan Doroschuk (vocals, keyboards) and Jeremie Arrobas (keyboards & electronics), as well as Ivan's brother Stefan (guitars), with various other members joining and leaving the group, including a third Doroschuk brother, Colin (electronics). The band was founded in 1977. Dead Kennedys is an American hardcore punk band formed in San Francisco, California in 1978. The original band lineup consisted of Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher) on vocals, East Bay Ray on guitar, Klaus Flouride (Geoffrey Lyall) on bass, and Ted (Bruce Slesinger) on drums and percussion. The Flying Lizards were an English experimental rock band, who were formed in 1976. Formed by and led by record producer David Cunningham, the group was a loose collective of avant-garde and free improvising musicians, such as David Toop and Steve Beresford as instrumentalists, plus Deborah Evans-Stickland, Patti Palladin and Vivien Goldman as main vocalists. The  Chameleons are an English post-punk band, formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester in 1981. The band originally consisted of singer and bassist Mark Burgess, guitarist Reg Smithies, guitarist Dave Fielding and drummer John Lever (replacing original drummer Brian Schofield). Distributed By Statik Records.

81 Not Traced   STATIK STAT 1
81 Dead Kennedys In God We Trust STATIK STAT 2
81 Positive Noise Give Me Passion STATIK STAT 3
81 Positive Noise Charm STATIK STAT 4
81 Positive Noise Love Like Poverty STATIK STAT 5
81 New Age Steppers Fade Away STATIK STAT 6
81 Dance In Lust STATIK STAT 7
81 Positive Noise Positive Negative STATIK STAT 8
81 Dirk Blanchart I Don't Mind (If The Sputnik Lands) STATIK STAT 9
81 Dynamic Hepnotics Hepnobeat! STATIK STAT 10
82 T C Matic O La La La STATIK STAT 11
82 Not Traced STATIK STAT 12
82 Men Without Hats Antarctica STATIK STAT 13
82 Lunar African Time STATIK STAT 14
82 Positive Noise Waiting For The Seventh Man STATIK STAT 15
82 Dance Stay Down STATIK STAT 16
82 Yukihiro Takahashi Murdered By The Music STATIK STAT 17
82 Luna Twist Look Out STATIK STAT 18
82 Yukihiro Takahashi School Of Thought STATIK STAT 19
82 Men Without Hats I Got A Message STATIK STAT 20
82 Dead Kennedys Bleed For Me STATIK STAT 22
82 Positive Noise Get Up And Go STATIK STAT 23
82 Men Without Hats Safety Dance STATIK STAT 24
82 Leanne Fantasy STATIK STAT 25
82 Not Traced STATIK STAT 26
82 Dead Kennedys Halloween STATIK STAT 27
82 Blockhead Twist And Shout STATIK STAT 28
82 Not Traced STATIK STAT 29
83 Chameleons As High As You Can Go STATIK STAT 30
85 Men Without Hats The Safety Dance STATIK TAK 1
83 Ladders Gotta See Jane STATIK TAK 2
83 Men Without Hats Living In China STATIK TAK 3
82 Dolby Thomas Urges STATIK TAK 4
83 Luna Twist Look Out (You'Re Falling In Love Again) (12") STATIK TAK 5
83 Chameleons A Person Isn'T Safe Anywhere STATIK TAK 6
83 Not Traced STATIK TAK 7
83 Positive Noise When The Lightning Strikes STATIK TAK 8
83 Blanchart Dirk I Don'T Mind STATIK TAK 9
83 Scott Andy Kruggerrands STATIK TAK 10
83 Chameleons, The Up The Down Escalator  STATIK TAK 11
83 Not Traced STATIK TAK 12
83 Men Without Hats I Like STATIK TAK 13
83 Men Without Hats I'Ve Got The Message STATIK TAK 14
84 Men Without Hats Where Do The Boys Go STATIK TAK 15
84 Sound Counting The Days STATIK TAK 16
84 Exposure Institution STATIK TAK 17
84 Blanchart Dirk Drop Me In The City STATIK TAK 18
84 Flying Lizards Sex Machine STATIK TAK 19
84 Exposure Still The Wind Blows STATIK TAK 20
84 Gina X Drive My Car STATIK TAK 21
84 Positive Noise Million Miles Away STATIK TAK 22
84 Exposure Liet Des Lied STATIK TAK 23
84 Scott Andy Let Her Dance STATIK TAK 24
84 Flying Lizards Dizzy Miss Lizzy STATIK TAK 25
84 Gina X Harley STATIK TAK 26
85 Blanchart Dirk Cockpit STATIK TAK 27
85 Sound 1000 Reasons STATIK TAK 28
85 Chameleons In Shreds STATIK TAK 29
85 Not Traced STATIK TAK 30
85 Scott Andy Invisible STATIK TAK 31
85 Positive Noise Distant Fires STATIK TAK 32
85 Gina X No Gdm STATIK TAK 33
85 Sound Temperature Drop STATIK TAK 34
85 Chameleons Singing Rule Britannia STATIK TAK 35
85 Pierce Jeffrey Lee Love And Desperation STATIK TAK 36
85 Flash For Lulu Baby Hurricane STATIK TAK 37
82 Various Artists Your Secrets Safe With Us Sampler (12") STATIK PROMO 1
85 Pierce Jeffrey Lee Open The Door Osiris STATIK PROMO 2