Independent label: Steinar Record company originally founded on November 15th, 1975 in ReykjavÝk, Iceland by Steinar Berg ═sleifsson, but the company also ran a sub label based in London, UK called Steinar Records from the late 70's till the late 80's. Sold to SkÝfan in the 1990's and the rights to the catalogue now reside with Sena Sublabels: Spor, Steinar Music. Distributed By Pinnacle and PRT Records.

81 You And I Shady Lady STEINAR STEINAR 01
82 Mazzoforte Dreamland STEINAR STE 02
83 Mazzoforte Garden Party STEINAR STE 705
83 Mazzoforte Rockall STEINAR STE 710
83 Joe Ericson  Take Your Time STEINAR STE 711
84 Mazzoforte Midnight Sun STEINAR STE 715
84 Mazzoforte Spring Fever STEINAR STE 720
84 Puzzle I Love Funkin' STEINAR STE 725
84 Not Traced STEINAR STE 730
84 Beckers Chris Keep On Dancing STEINAR STE 735
84 Street Beat Rap 'N' Scratch STEINAR STE 740
84 Not Traced STEINAR STE 745
84 Mezzoforte Take Off STEINAR STE 750
84 French Impression  Breaking Love STEINAR STE 755
84 Mezzoforte Taking Off STEINAR STE 760
84 Chris Cameron Is This Love STEINAR STE 765
84 Not Traced STEINAR STE 770
84 French Impression Get Up And Dance STEINAR STE 775
85 Mezzoforte Garden Party STEINAR STE 780
85 Chris Cameron Written In Your Heart ? STEINAR STE 785
84 Mezzoforte This Is The Night STEINAR STE 790