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 Independent label: Stolen Records Former Address: 372 Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2JF. The Bridewell Taxis (later The Bridewells) were a Leeds-based British Indie rock group active from 1987 to 1993. The band's first release was a blue flexi-disc, "Lies" c/w "Just Good Friends" given away free with a Wakefield fanzine which cost 20p. The pressing soon sold out and a few years later, at the height of their popularity, the flexi-disc was changing hands for over 20. London-based publishers, Empire Music, part of China Records, offered the band a publishing deal in late 1989. The urgent need for a release to go with the tour had led to the band's manager, along with a businessmen-fan Dave Bell, to fund their first EP, Just Good Friends, released on their own Stolen Records in the Autumn of 1989. It reached number 18 on the UK Indie Chart. Distributed By Stolen Records.

89 Bridewell Taxis Just Good Friends ‎(12") STOLEN BLAG 1
90 Bridewell Taxis Give In (12") STOLEN BLAG 2
90 Bridewell Taxis Honesty (12") STOLEN BLAG 3
90 Various Artists Knowing Where It All Leeds (Cd) STOLEN BLAG 4
90 Bridewell Taxis  Spirit STOLEN BLAG 5
91 Bridewell Taxis Don'T Fear The Reaper STOLEN BLAG 6
91 Bridewell Taxis Invisible To You '89-'91 (7") STOLEN BLAG 7