Independent label: Pressed By MPO. Early in 1977, a publication called Strangled metamorphosed from a fanzine called Side Burns (1976) of which four to five issues were produced by avid music fan Tony Moon. The December 1976 issue of Side Burns featured the famous punk chord diagram feature entitled. "Playin' In The Band." / "This is a chord... (displaying an A), This is another... (displaying an E) This is a third (displaying a G): Now form a band." Interest in The Stranglers had grown to such proportions that Alan Edwards decided to assist Tony Moon and devote an entire fanzine to the band, and Strangled was born. Over the years, the magazine developed from a photocopied mish-mash of ideas into a glossy enthuzine, celebrating The Stranglers and their music, and also covering many other topics, often of a controversial nature, which the band themselves were interested in and thought their subscribers may be likewise. Owned by and working alongside the band themselves, the Stranglers Information Service has continued to carry out its function as the direct contact between The Stranglers and enthusiasts of their work. Distributed By SIS Records.

80 Stranglers Tomorrow Was The Hereafter STRANGLERS INFORMATION SERVICE SIS 001
85 Marriage Of Convenience My Young Dreams STRANGLERS INFORMATION SERVICE SIS 002
85 Jean Jacques Burnel Goebels, Mosley, God And Ingrams (Flexi) STRANGLERS INFORMATION SERVICE SIS 003