Independent label: Strong Records Former Address: 102 Great Victoris Street Belfast Ireland. Mighty Shamrocks was a Post-punk From: Portrush, Northern Ireland was active: from 1979 to 84 Lineup: Micky Stevens - guitar/vocals Dougie Gough - lead guitar Roe Butcher - bass Paddy McNicholl - drums. Micky Stevens moved to North Carolina in 1985 where he teaches and plays music. Roe Butcher remained active on the music scene and currently plays with Henry McCullough. Dougie Gough still lives and plays in Coleraine, Co. Derry. Paddy McNicholl ran the famous Connolly's of Leap venue for many years. He passed away in 2010. Distributed By Strong Records.

81 Mighty Shamrocks Condor Woman STRONG WR 1
81 Rob Strong  Farewell To Harlem STRONG WR 2
81 Apartment  We'll Have A Holiday STRONG WR 3