Independent label: Subversive Records Former Address: 6 Dawnay Avenue Kings Lynn Norfolk. The Nuclear Socketts formed in King’s Lynn, Norfolk in April, 1979. The band released two singles in 1981, the first of which was ‘Honour Before Glory’ 1st single/EP, released in January. It made No. 1 in the King’s Lynn chart. It was so successful that the band started their own label Subversive and released records by Reality, European Toys and Section A. Distributed By Subversive Records.

81 Nuclear Socketts Honor Before Glory  SUBVERSIVE SUB 001
81 Not Traced SUBVERSIVE SUB 002
81 Nuclear Socketts Play It Loud SUBVERSIVE SUB 003
81 Nuclear Socketts Riot Squad (Flexi) SUBVERSIVE SUB 004
82 Section A Time Stands Still SUBVERSIVE SUB 005
82 Reality Blind To The Faith [ Ep ] SUBVERSIVE SUB 006
82 Not Traced SUBVERSIVE SUB 007
83 European Toys I Am Creator SUBVERSIVE SUB 008
81 Dead Man'S Shadow Heathrow Touchdown [ Ep ] SUBVERSIVE ANARCHO 1