Independent label: Sunnyview was a classic and prolific 1980s electro, freestyle, rap, and disco label run by Henry Stone, Sunnyview formed when Stone's legendary label T.K. Records was acquired by Morris Levy's Roulette Records empire. Although labels boast a New York address, Sunnyview's productions heavily reflected the Florida scene and often picked up independent Miami releases for larger release. Nevertheless the label is arguably best known for its hits by the Brooklyn electro act Newcleus. Also notable for reissuing T.K. 12" singles under a "Classics" imprint, Sunnyview was acquired along with the T.K. catalog by the EMI-Rhino partnership that bought Roulette Records in 1989. Rhino owns the North American rights while internationally the Sunnyview/T.K. catalog is managed by EMI. Marketed and distributed by Precision Records & Tapes Ltd.

84 Extra T'S Flash Boogie SUNNYVIEW SUNY 101
84 Horne Jimmy Bo You'Re So Good To Me SUNNYVIEW SUNY 102
84 Newcleus Jam On It SUNNYVIEW SUNY 103
84 Freestyle Express Freestyle SUNNYVIEW SUNY 104
84 Not Traced   SUNNYVIEW SUNY 105
84 Deb Debbie When I Here Music SUNNYVIEW SUNY 106
84 Newcleus Computer Age SUNNYVIEW SUNY 107