Independent label: Swamplands Records was Set up with money from London Records by Alan Horne, who had previously run Postcard Records - London MD Roger Ames tempted Horne out of retirement with the promise of his own label, an office in the Polygram building (in London W.1), and sizable funds for marketing and recording. Sales were poor and towards the end of 1985 Horne departed the label. Distributed By London Records.

84 Quinn Paul & Edwyn Collins Pale Blue Eyes SWAMPLANDS SWP 1
84 Not Traced SWAMPLANDS SWP 2
85 King, James The Angel Knows SWAMPLANDS SWP 3
85 Memphis You Supply The Roses SWAMPLANDS SWP 4
85 Win Unamerican Broadcasting  Part One/ Part Two SWAMPLANDS SWP 5
85 Quinn Paul & Edwyn Collins Ain'T That Always The Way SWAMPLANDS SWP 6
85 Not Traced SWAMPLANDS SWP 7
85 Win You Got The Power SWAMPLANDS SWP 8