Independent label: UK Decay Records Former Address: 33 Guildford Street, Luton, Bedfordshire was formed After the collapse of Fresh Records in 1982, By the band UK Decay. UK Decay Records went on to release all of the band's back catalogue, including the album "For Madmen Only" (DK LP 1) as well as the live album "A Night For Celebration"(DK LP 2). Several singles were also re-released, including "For My Country / Unwind", "Unexpected Guest / Dresden", "Sexual / Twist In The Tail". UK Decay Records were a partnership between the band itself and Southern Studios, today known as SRD. The label is rumoured to see again the light of day, with the re-issue of UK Decay's back catologue and probably new products. Distributed By UK Decay Records.


82 Not Traced   UK DECAY  DK 1
82 Not Traced   UK DECAY  DK 2
82 Uk Decay For My Country UK DECAY  DK 3
82 Uk Decay Unexpected Guest UK DECAY  DK 4
82 Not Traced UK DECAY  DK 5
82 Uk Decay Night Of Celebration (Cassette) UK DECAY  DK 6