Independent label: Ultra! Noise was a Rock label from the UK, active in the 1980's. It's Parent Label was Albion Records. Distributed By
Albion Records.  Baby Tuckoo was an English hard rock band, formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England in 1982. Band member were Rob Armitage (vocals), Neil Saxton (guitar), Andy Barrott (keyboards), Paul Smith (bass) and Tony Sugden (drums). Prior to their recording career, Steve Holton (vocals) and Andy Tidswell (keyboards) were in the band. The Mama's Boys were a 1980s hard rock/heavy metal group from County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland featuring the three McManus brothers Pat, a.k.a. 'The Professor", (guitar and occasionally fiddle), John (bass and vocals), Tommy (drums). Later in their career they became a four-piece adding Rick Chase on vocals in 1985 who was later replaced by Keith Murrell in 1987 due to Rick's ill-health. Keith was later replaced with Mike Wilson in 1989. Marseille formed in Liverpool in early 1976. Original members were Paul Dale (vocals), Neil Buchanan (guitar), Andy Charters (guitar), Keith Knowles (drums) and Steve Dinwoodie (bass). Thor is a
heavy metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Line-up Jon Mikl Thor - vocals Steve Price - guitar Mike Favata - drums  Keith Zazzi - Bass  Frank Soda - (Guitar, Backing vocals).

84 Baby Tuckoo Mony Mony ULTRA NOISE TUCK 001

83 Mamma'S Boys In The Heat Of The Night  ULTRA NOISE ION 1038
83 Mamma'S Boys Needle In The Groove ULTRA NOISE ION 1041
84 Marseille Walking On A Highwire ULTRA NOISE WALK 1

84 Thor  Let The Blood Run Red ULTRA NOISE ION 165
84 Thor  Thunder On The Tundra  ULTRA NOISE ION 168