Independent label: Upright Records Label was owned by Nick Garrard. Upright Records Former address: 61 Collier Street London
N1 9BE. and 49-53 Kensington Gardens Square, London W2 4BA. Distributed By.

81 Clapham South Escalators Get Me To The World On Time UPRIGHT UP YOURS 1
82 Living Legends The Pope Is A Dope UPRIGHT UP YOURS 2
82 Geisterfaher Madish Ahb'Ell UPRIGHT UP YOURS 3
82 Serious Drinking Love On The Terraces (Ep) UPRIGHT UP YOURS 4

83 Serious Drinking Hangover UPRIGHT UP 5
83 Milkshakes Soldiers Of Love UPRIGHT UP 6
83 Laurel & Hardy Dangerous Shoes UPRIGHT UP 7
84 Serious Drinking Go For The Burn UPRIGHT UP 8
84 Higsons Music To Watch Girls By UPRIGHT UP 9
84 Zephaniah Benjamin Big Boy Don'T Make UPRIGHT UP 10
84 Bushmen Seat It Out UPRIGHT UP 11
85 Poison Girls The Price Of Gain UPRIGHT UP 12
85 Not Issued UPRIGHT UP 13
86 Yeah Jazz This Is Not Love UPRIGHT UP 14
86 Zephaniah Benjamin Free South Afrika UPRIGHT UP 15
86 Doctor'S Children The Rose Cottage UPRIGHT UP 16
86 Weeping Messerschmitts Nothing Yet UPRIGHT UP 17
86 Yeah Jazz She Said UPRIGHT UP 18
85 Great Outdoors World At My Shoes UPRIGHT GOD 1
Great Outdoors
Bird In The Hand