Independent label: Small World formed in November 1979 when Chris Philpott and Mick Cohen, who were already mates, met up with John Wratten who was looking to get into a band. The three had common musical influences/tastes based mainly on post-punk new wave (Jam, Clash, Buzzocks etc ) and sixties guitar-based bands (Small Faces, Kinks, Beatles). 1982 saw the release of the bands first single “Love Is Dead/Liberty” on Ed Ball & Dan Treacy’s Whaam record label. Although the recording had a murky production. “Love Is Dead” became a popular mainstay of the Small World set. Only 1.000 copies of the single were pressed. By the latter part of 1984, at the height of their popularity, the band split, playing a farewell gig on October 15th at the Hope and Anchor. Pissed off with the lack of major record company interes, John and Chris decided that the band had gone as far as it could go, and looked to pastures new. The combine was born. Mick went on and joined several bands including The Rage. Just prior to the split of Small World a second single was released on the band’s own ‘Valid’ Records. 3first Impressions/Stupidity Street/Tomorrow Never Comes”, recorded in 1984, had a much more professional feel than Love Is Dead. Distributed By Valid Records, Former Address: 37 Buller Road Barking Essex.

83 Small World  First Impressions  VALID VC 001