Independent label: Very Mouth was formed by the group Games to Avoid. Stitched-Back Foot Airman started in the early eighties as a side project to the Southampton UK based band Games to Avoid led by guitarist and singer Simon Vincent. “Stitched” was initially an “occasional” band Simon formed with his younger brother Robin Vincent and Mike Farmer and film maker/visual artist Crimp Beringer. In ‘83 or ‘84 the band migrated to London and several records were released on their own label Very Mouth including the sublime mini album Seven Egg Timing Greats, the 7” “Wouldn’t You Like to Know” and the 12” “Costa Del Sol”. They then signed to the Manchester based label In Tape and released 12” “Shake Up” and the Big Mess. Distributed By Cartel.

83 Games To Avoid Neckspots VERY MOUTH EAT 1
83 Greeting Number Four Condition VERY MOUTH EAT 2
Various Artists
You, The Mouth And The Music ‎(Cassette)
83 Not Traced VERY MOUTH EAT 4
83 Not Traced VERY MOUTH EAT 5
83 Not Traced VERY MOUTH EAT 6
85 Greeting Number Four Civilised To Death VERY MOUTH EAT 7
86 Tinytown No Place Like Home (12") VERY MOUTH EAT 8
86 Stitched-Back Foot Airman Seven Eggs Timing (Album) VERY MOUTH EAT 9
87 Stitched-Back Foot Airman Wouldn'T You Like To Know VERY MOUTH EAT 10