Independent label: The Ex Pistols were a scam act introduced in 1979 by one-time Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman after his services were substituted for those of professional producers. The Ex Pistols existed as a sound-alike band meant to mislead fans due to the similar music, name, and artwork, that led people to believe their songs were actually new or lost Sex Pistols recordings. The Sex Pistols successfully sued Dave Goodman and Dave Goodman was no longer allowed to use the name. The first Ex Pistols release "Land of Hope and Glory" was a punk rock version of the old English classic "Land of Hope and Glory" by Edward Elgar. Not only did it confuse fans but it also caused legal trouble between Goodman and the publisher of the original piece, Boosey & Hawkes. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

84 Ex Pistols Land Of Hope And Glory VIRGINIA PISTOL 76