Independent label: Volume Records was an independent record label and a small chain of independent record shops based in the North East England that operated in the 1980s and early 1990s. The Volume Records record label was responsible for the early output of the British punk band The Toy Dolls, releasing the LPs Dig That Groove Baby (1983), A Far Out Disc (1985) and Idle Gossip (1986) and the singles Nellie the Elephant and She goes to Fino's. The four shops were in located in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Washington, Tyne and Wear. Volume Records Former Address: Ridley Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne 1. Distributed By Red Rhino, The Cartel and Pinnacle Records.


82 Total Chaos There Are No Russians In Afghanistan VOLUME VOL 1
82 Total Chaos Factory Man VOLUME VOL 2
83 Toy Dolls Nellie The Elephant VOLUME VOL 3
83 Reptiles Reptiles For Tea E.P. VOLUME VOL 4
83 Toy Dolls Cheerio And Toodle Pip VOLUME VOL 5
83 Total Chaos Fields And Forever VOLUME VOL 6
83 Reality Control The Reproduction Of Hate VOLUME VOL 7
83 Toy Dolls Alfie From The Bronx  VOLUME VOL 8
84 Uproar Nothing Can Stop You [ Ep ] VOLUME VOL 9
84 Toy Dolls We're Mad VOLUME VOL 10
84 Toy Dolls Nellie The Elephant VOLUME VOL 11
85 Toy Dolls She Goes To Finos VOLUME VOL 12
85 Not Traced VOLUME VOL 13
85 Cube Duel Of Heart VOLUME VOL 14
85 Not Traced VOLUME VOL 15
85 Edge Take A Walk!  VOLUME VOL 16
85 Toy Dolls James Bond (Lives Down Our Street)  VOLUME VOL 17
85 Watt Government Working My Fingers To The Bone  VOLUME VOL 18
85 Edge Little Girl Blue  VOLUME VOL 19
85 Not Traced VOLUME VOL 20
86 Toy Dolls Geordie's Gone To Jail VOLUME VOL 21