Independent label: nick nicely (always spelt with lower case letters) is a British musician making psychedelic rock and experimental electronic music. Although for twenty-five years his entire recorded output as nick nicely consisted of just two largely unsuccessful singles released in the early 1980s, his reclusiveness and the acclaim awarded to his second (and last) single "Hilly Fields (1892)" has meant nicely has acquired cult status. D.C.T. Dreams single was originally released on nicely's own Voxette label (which he set up using the proceeds from the sale of his studio equipment), but after receiving airplay and some favourable reviews, it was picked up by the Hansa label and reissued late in 1980. Voxette Records Former Address: 184-186 Regent Street London W1. Distributed By.

80 Nick Nicely Dct Dreams VOXETTE VOX 1001