Independent label: Founded by Russell C. Brennan Waterloo Sunset was a small indie label  from the 80's well known to fans of Mod music. Cult Mod artist Eleanor Rigby’s original releases came out on the Waterloo Sunset Label and not only has she become very collectable but so has the label which released mainly vinyl format at a time when vinyl records were rapidly being supplanted by CD. Waterloo Sunsets total output was six 7” singles, three vinyl LPs and one cassette album. Waterloo Sunset Records Former Address: 21a Cullesden Road,Kenley, Surrey, CR2 2LR. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

85 Eleanor Rigby I Want To Sleep With You WATERLOO SUNSET RUSS 101
85 Eleanor Rigby Take Another Shot Of My Heart WATERLOO SUNSET RUSS 102
86 Eleanor Rigby Over And Over WATERLOO SUNSET RUSS 103
86 Eleanor Rigby Kiss Me Quickly It'S Christmas WATERLOO SUNSET RUSS 104
87 Reaction Make Up Your Mind WATERLOO SUNSET RUSS 105
87 A Beatboy The Honeydipper WATERLOO SUNSET RUSS 106