Independent label: Throughout most of the 1970s the company had been content to release records on its constituent labels - Warner Brothers, Elektra and Asylum. In 1978, WEA started a label which bore the corporate name. By late 1972, US anti-trust laws had changed and the company was renamed WEA Corp. (from the first letter of each of the three main record companies; Warner Bros, Elektra, and Atlantic). Distributed By WEA Records.

81 Dollar  Hand Held In Black And White WEA  BUCK 1
81 Dollar  Mirror Mirror WEA  BUCK 2
82 Dollar  Give Me Back My Heart WEA  BUCK 3
82 Dollar  Videotheque WEA  BUCK 4
82 Dollar Give Me Some Sort Of Magic WEA BUCK 5
82 Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy Kiss Me WEA TIN 1
85 Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy Kiss Me 10 TIN 2

82 Modern Romance Best Years Of Our Lives WEA ROM 1
83 Modern Romance High Life WEA ROM 2
83 Modern Romance Don'T Stop That Crazy Rhythm WEA ROM 3

82 MacKenzie Sings Orbidöig Ice Cream Factory WEA MAK 1

82 Richard Cottle Barwick Green WEA ARCH 1