Independent label: Flag of Convenience were a rock group formed in 1982 by former Buzzcocks members Steve Diggle and John Maher, along with bassist Dave Farrow and keyboard player D.P. The band continued with a changing line-up until 1989, with later incarnations releasing records under the names F.O.C. and Buzzcocks F.O.C. The final incarnation of the band included former member of The Stone Roses Andy Couzens and former Inspiral Carpets drummer Chris Goodwin, who both went on to form The High. The band ended when Diggle joined Pete Shelley in a re-formed Buzzcocks, the reunion prompted by controversy over the use of "Buzzcocks" in the billing of Diggle's band. This record was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat numbet SRT4KS173. Distributed By.

80 Flag Of Convenience Changes WEIRD SISTERS WEIRED 1