Independent label: The Famous Duo From Coronation Street "Jack & Vera"  Liz Dawn and Bill Tarmey. Bill Tarmey (born William Piddington; 4 April 1941 died 9 November 2012) was an English actor, singer and author, best known for playing Jack Duckworth in the soap opera Coronation Street. Tarmey died in Tenerife. Elizabeth 'Liz' Dawn MBE (born Sylvia Butterfield in Leeds on 8 November 1939) is an English retired actress, best known for her role as Vera Duckworth in the long-running British soap opera, Coronation Street. in January 2013 Dawn revealed that only a third of her lungs are still working and that doctors have told her there is nothing more they can do to prolong her life. Distributed By.

89 Tarmey & Dawn I'Ll Be With You Soon WESTMOOR 7 WM 1

Bill Tarmey RIP 2012