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 Independent label: Whaam! Records, administered by Dan Treacy and Ed Ball, was in existence from 1981 - 84. The label closed amidst (exaggerated) rumours of a large payoff from George Michael's pop group. Distributed By Whaam! Records.


81 Gifted Children Painting By Numbers WHAAM WHAAM 001
81 Times Red With Purple Flases WHAAM WHAAM 2
82 Television Personalities Mummy Your Not Watching Me [ Lp ] WHAAM WHAAM 3
82 Television Personalities Three Wishes WHAAM WHAAM 4
82 Pastels Songs For Children  WHAAM WHAAM 005
82 Doctor & Medics The Druids Are Here WHAAM WHAAM 6
82 Direct Hits Modesty Blaise WHAAM WHAAM 007
82 Le Mat Waltz Of The Fool WHAAM WHAAM 008
83 Dmochowski Jed Sha-La-La-La WHAAM WHAAM 009
83 Page Boys You'Re My Kind Of Girl WHAAM WHAAM 10
83 Marble Staircase Still Dreaming WHAAM WHAAM 11
83 1000 Mexicans The Art Of Love WHAAM WHAAM 012
83 Farmlife Big Country 1 & 2 [Test Pressing] WHAAM WHAAM 13
83 Khartomb Swahili Lullaby WHAAM WHAAM 14
84 White Bros Muscle Power WHAAM WHAAM 15
94 Direct Hits Ever Ready Plaything  WHAAM WHAAM 016