White Pride Records was a DIY label.  It managed one singles with an SRT custom pressing cat number SRT9KS1864. Skrewdriver was
Formed in 1977 as a non-political UK punk band, who at their label's urging became skinheads during the second wave of skinheads in England. Skrewdriver became known for attracting violence at their shows and none of their Chiswick releases did very well in the UK charts. They broke up in 1979.
Ian Stuart re-formed the band in 1982 as a clearly White Power neo-Nazi skinhead band, with entirely different(and often revolving) band members. This new version of Skrewdriver became the musical arm of the British National Front and released as their debut album "Hail The New Dawn" in 1984 on the German Rock-O-Rama label. This release not only helped transform the label to a far-right position but effectively invented White Power "hate-rock" and Skrewdriver quickly became a driving force behind the RAC (Rock Against Communism) movement. In 1993 Ian Stuart died in a car accident. 1977-1979 lineup: Ian Stuart Donaldson - vocals, Guitar Phil Walmsley - Guitar Ron Hartley - Guitar
Kev McKay - Bass John "Grinny" Grinton - drums Distributed By White Pride Records.

89 Skrewdriver  The Showdown   WHITE PRIDE SRT9KS1864