Woodworm Records Former Address: P.O.Box 37 Banbury Oxon Oxfordshire. Was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an WRS-100 numerical series. Recorded at Woodworm Studios near Banbury, Oxon. Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull. produced and engineered, sang and played all instruments. Woodworm Records was a record label created in 1979 by Dave Pegg and his wife Christine to enable the British folk-rock band Fairport Convention to release their album "Farewell Farewell" that no other label was willing to release. Woodworm Records soon grew and released albums by Fairport and other artists. In 2004 the Peggs were divorced and the record label was thus put on hold. Members of Fairport Convention decided to form the new label Matty Groves to continue the work of Woodworm Records. Distributed By Woodworm Records.

83 Dave Pegg  Cocktail Cowboy WOODWORM  WRS 101