Independent label: Formed by the Poison Girls' Xntrix Records Former Address: 137 Blenheim Crescent London W11  2EQ. The Poison Girls were an English anarcho-punk band. The female singer/guitarist, Vi Subversa, was a middle-aged mother of two at the band's inception, and wrote songs that explored sexuality and gender roles, usually from an anarchist perspective. The original Poison Girls line-up also included: Lance D'Boyle (drums); Richard Famous (guitar/vocals); Nil (tapes/bass/electric violin); and Bernhardt Rebours (bass/synthesiser/piano). Distributed By Cartel and Rough Trade.


82 Conflict Live At The Centre Iberico [ Ep ] XNTRIX XN 2001
82 Fender Pete 4 Formulas XNTRIX XN 2002
82 Poison Girls Total Exposure (Album) XNTRIX XN 2003
82 Rubella Ballet Ballet Bag (Cassette) XNTRIX XN 2004
82 Rubella Ballet The Ballet Dance XNTRIX XN 2005
82 Poison Girls Where'S The Pleasure (Album) XNTRIX XN 2006
82 Conflict Live At Centro Iberico  XNTRIX XN 2007
85 Poison Girls Songs Of Praise (Album) XNTRIX XN 2008
84 Poison Girls Real Woman XNTRIX XN 2009