Originally an American company, the Zonophone name was bought by the Gramophone Company in 1903 and they started issuing single-sided 5", 7", 10" and 12" discs. In 1913, the name was applied to the double-sided records which had been called "Twin" and both names appeared on the label for some years. In 1932, when Columbia & the Gramophone Company were merged to form EMI, Zonophone was once again paired with an existing label and Regal Zonophone was born. This survived until 1948. The name was revivied in the 1960s (by EMI). In the early 1980s, Zonophone was revived by EMI to ride the post punk train with artists such as Angelic Upstarts, The Barracudas, The Cockney Rejects, It used the EMI Z series cat number.  By the mid 1980s the Zonophone imprint had disappeared again. It was not until the mid to late 1990s that it reappeared in a different guise, as a home for back catalogue artists of cult credibility and the odd one off single. Distributed By EMI Records.

80 Gang Of Four Outside The Trains Don'T Run On Time GANG OF FOUR Z 1
80 Cockney Rejects The Greatest Cockney Rip-Off COCKNEY REJECTS Z 2
80 Stiffs Inside Out  STIFFS Z 3
80 Cockney Rejects I'M Forever Blowing Bubbles COCKNEY REJECTS Z 4
80 Barracudas Summer Fun WIPE OUT Z 5
80 Cockney Rejects We Can Do Anything COCKNEY REJECTS Z 6
80 Angelic Upstarts Last Night Another Soldier ANGELIC UPSTARTS  Z 7
80 Barracudas His Last Summer WIPE OUT Z 8
80 Not Traced ZONOPHONE Z 9
80 Cockney Rejects We Are The Firm COCKNEY REJECTS Z 10
80 Barracudas (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again BARRACUDAS Z 11
80 Angelic Upstarts England ANGELIC UPSTARTS Z 12
80 Lip Service Ruby (Don'T Take Your Love To Town) ZONOPHONE Z 13
80 Stiffs Volume Control  STIFFS Z 14
80 Honey Bane Turn Me On Turn Me Off HONEY BANE Z 15
81 Angelic Upstarts Kids On The Street ANGELIC UPSTARTS  Z 16
81 Barracudas I Cant Pretend BARRACUDAS Z 17
81 Not Traced ZONOPHONE Z 18
81 Honey Bane Baby Love ZONOPHONE Z 19
81 Cockney Rejects  Easy Life   ZONOPHONE Z 20
81 Cockney Rejects  On The Streets Again  ZONOPHONE Z 21
81 Angelic Upstarts I Understand ZONOPHONE Z 22
81 Honey Bane  Jimmy... (Listen To Me)  ZONOPHONE Z 23
81 Bumble And The Beez Fools ZONOPHONE Z 24
81 Angelic Upstarts  Different Strokes  ZONOPHONE Z 25
82 Vice Squad Out Of Reach RIOT CITY Z 26
82 Bumble And The Beez  The Room Above  ZONOPHONE Z 27
82 Angelic Upstarts  Never Say Die  ZONOPHONE Z 28
82 Not Traced ZONOPHONE Z 29
82 Vice Squad Rock 'N' Roll Massacre RIOT CITY Z 30
82 Toy Dolls  Everybody Jitterbug  ZONOPHONE Z 31
82 Honey Bane  Wish I Could Be Me  ZONOPHONE Z 32
82 Not Traced ZONOPHONE Z 33
82 Vice Squad State Of The Nation Ep RIOT CITY Z 34
82 John Dark  Silhouette  ZONOPHONE Z 35
83 Honey Bane  Dizzy Dreamers  ZONOPHONE Z 36
83 Bumble And The Beez  My Life  ZONOPHONE Z 37
83 Cargo Holding On For Love  ZONOPHONE Z 38
86 Frank Sidebottom  Frank'S Firm Favorites Ep   REGAL ZONOPHONE Z 39
86 Frank Sidebottom Oh Blimey It'S Christmas REGAL ZONOPHONE Z 40
86 Frank Sidebottom Sci-Fi Ep REGAL ZONOPHONE Z 41
86 Hudson Giants  Tell Me Why  ZONOPHONE Z 42
82 Honey Bane Turn Me On Turn Me Off ZONOPHONE  Z 151
82 Honey Bane Turn Me On Turn Me Off ZONOPHONE  Z 152