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 Independent label: ZTT Records was founded in 1983 by NME journalist Paul Morley, record producer Trevor Horn and his wife Jill Sinclair. The label was named after Italian futurist FT Marinetti's "Zang Tumb Tuum", a book describing war where zang tumb tuum is an onomatopoeic description of the sound of a machine gun. Early ZTT releases, distributed via Island Records between 1983-1988, gained cult, commercial and critical acclaim alike. ZTT's early iconic status derived from Horn's big productions and Morley's mad / maddening marketing of the label. Horn and his in-house studio team (including Art Of Noise members Gary Langan, J.J. Jeczalik, Anne Dudley as well as Stephen Lipson and Bob Kraushaar) created endless 'diversions' (aka remixes) of every track produced, a pioneering concept back then. in 1988 ZTT entered a new phase. It signed a distribution deal with WEA and started reinventing itself as a more conventional electronic/dance label. ZTT split from WEA in 1997 and went independent. Common cat number prefixes, Island era (1983-1988): ZTAS - singles, Action series ZTIS - singles, Incidental series ZTPS - singles, Perfect series CERT - singles, Certain series
WEA era (1988 - 1997) ZANG - singles SAM - promos (part of WEA's generic promo catalogue). Indie era (1998 - present)  ZTT - used for both singles and albums, from ZTT98 upwards. Distributed By Island and WEA Records.

83 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relak ZTT ZTAS 1
84 Propaganda Dr Mabuse ZTT ZTAS 2
84 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes ZTT ZTAS 3
84 Frankie Goes to Hollywood  Welcome to the Pleasuredome ZTT ZTAS 4
84 Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love ZTT ZTAS 5
84 Frankie Goes to Hollywood  And Suddenly There Came A Bang! (Booklet) ZTT ZTAS 6
85 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasure Dome ZTT ZTAS 7
85 Propaganda Duel ZTT ZTAS 8
85 Orbison Roy Wild Heart ZTT ZTAS 9
85 Various Artists The Value Of Entertainment (concert) ZTT ZTAS 10
85 Art of Noise  Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise ZTT ZTAS 11
85 Propaganda P Machinery ZTT ZTAS 12
85 Propaganda  A Secret Wish ZTT ZTAS 13
85 Various Artists The Shape Of The Universe ZTT ZTAS 14
85 Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brücken  When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time  ZTT ZTAS 15
85 Grace Jones  Slave To The Rhythm (A Biography) ZTT ZTAS 16
85 Andrew Poppy  The Beating Of Wings ZTT ZTAS 17
85 Various Artists Zang Tuum Tumb Sampled ZTT ZTAS 18
85 Anne Pigalle  Everything Could Be So Perfect ZTT ZTAS 19
85 Propaganda  Wishful Thinking ZTT ZTAS 20
85 Propaganda  P: Machinery (Reactivate)  ZTT ZTAS 21
85 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Rage Hard ZTT ZTAS 22
85 Frankie Goes to Hollywood  Liverpool ZTT ZTAS 23
85 Das Psych-Oh! Rangers  The Essential Art Of Communication   ZTT ZTAS 24
86 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Warriors Of The Wasteland ZTT ZTAS 25
86 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Watching The Wildlife ZTT ZTAS 26
86 Andrew Poppy  Alphabed (A Mystery Dance) ZTT ZTAS 27
87 Act Snobbery And Decay ZTT  ZTAS 28
84 Art Of Noise  Close (To The Edit)  ZTT ZTPS  01
85 Art Of Noise  Moments In Love  ZTT ZTPS  02
87 Andrew Poppy    The Amusement   ZTT ZTPS  03

85 Anne Pigalle Hes Stranger ZTT CERT 1
85 Anne Pigalle Why Does It Have To Be This Way ZTT CERT 2
85 Propaganda  Duel (Double Pack) ZTT DUAL 1
85 Grace Jones Slave To The Rhythm ZTT IS 206

87 Act Absolutely Immune  ZTT IMM 1
87 Act I Can'T Escape From You ZTT IMM 2
88 Act Chance (withdrawn) ZTT BET 1
88 Nasty Rock Inc Escape from New York ZTT NRO 1
87 The Art Of Noise   Moments In Love [reissue]  ZTT WEEP 1